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As a New Zealand owned company, we only sell UNLIMITED plans. Anywhere across our great land.

Never feel remote again. With WOI you can get fast and reliable satellite internet that won't break your budget. Offering fast speeds on a small satellite dish, WOI is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your family or business have access to the world's best streaming services and cloud applications. Also talk to us also about designing, installing and supporting your local network requirements.

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Woi - Helpful and Responsive

Woi have been very helpful and responsive in setting up our satellite connection and getting us up and running...

WOI for hotspot

"In seeking an ISP provider we needed a partner who understood the needs of our business from advice, reliable and cost effective service...

WOI support - we keep you online!

The customer service with your business beats the other Internet companies in town hands down...

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