Kacific Broadband Satellite

WOI's main provider is Kacific broadband satellite – and we are all about high-speed internet, affordable plans and unlimited data for rural New Zealanders. 

Using KA Band technology, Kacific launched over NZ, parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands in December 2019. Kacific has raised around USD$200m to provide affordable and fast internet to emerging markets including the rural areas of New Zealand. The Kacific satellite payload was uplifted by Space X. 

Along with Woi, they serve 600 million people across 25 countries with 56 satellite spot beams. 

Kacific’s core services include faster internet for homes and businesses, specialist solutions for government services, network solutions for telcos, high speed satellite broadband for passengers and crews at sea. 

At Woi we are excited to partner with Kacific - a next-generation broadband satellite operator committed to providing universal, fast, high-quality broadband access at an affordable price across Asia Pacific using cutting-edge technologies.