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The people behind WOI have over 20 years experience with satellite delivered TV and internet to emerging markets. Our products have been rolled out to many countries in the Pacific region including Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Fiji, Samoa and Cook Islands. This experience combined with Kacific's technology offers Kiwi's who can't access Chorus fibre optic services to get fast satellite delivered internet anywhere in New Zealand. If you live out of the range of 4G or fibre, then WOI is perfect for you.

The Future of Phone and Broadband: Landline via Satellite

For a number of years, New Zealand has been transitioning from a traditional copper phone and broadband network to fibre and mobile network technology. According to the Commerce Commission, around three-quarters of New Zealanders were expected to have access to fibre by 2020, and our telecommunications network provider, Chorus, may decide to stop offering particular copper services.

6 Reasons Rural Areas Need High-Speed Internet

It’s easy to assume that farmers and those living in rural locations don’t need access to high-speed internet. After all, they might spend a lot of time outside to earn their living and participate in recreational activities.

How to Choose Your Internet Service Provider

Choosing an internet service provider (ISP) is not a decision to make lightly. Every Kiwi has different needs, and some internet deals are better suited to some regions and people than others.

Unlimited Rural Broadband: Myth or Magic?

Some folks would say unlimited rural broadband is right up there with unicorns, fire-breathing dragons, and leprechauns but the truth is that unlimited rural broadband is indeed a reality in New Zealand today.

Woi - Helpful and Responsive

That’s my place thanks woi .. no complaints from me ... very helpful fast response to my cry for help and a quick professional install thanks Paul

WOI for hotspot

"In seeking an ISP provider we needed a partner who understood the needs of our business from advice, reliable and cost effective service...