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The people behind WOI have over 20 years experience with satellite delivered TV and internet to emerging markets. Our products have been rolled out to many countries in the Pacific region including Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Fiji, Samoa and Cook Islands. This experience combined with Kacific's technology offers Kiwi's who can't access Chorus fibre optic services to get fast satellite delivered internet anywhere in New Zealand. If you live out of the range of 4G or fibre, then WOI is perfect for you.

Satellite Internet Success Stories: Delighting Customers Across NZ

Learn how our customers achieve Internet success in NZ with Woi. Delighting users and unlocking business potential - Read our success stories now!

Satellite Internet Enhancing Media Production and Broadcasting

Experience seamless media broadcasting with Woi's satellite internet solutions. Elevate your content delivery with high-speed connectivity.

Boosting Tourism: The Impact of Satellite Internet on Hospitality Businesses

Discover how satellite internet helps the hospitality industry operate. Explore the benefits of Woi's innovative solutions. Boost your business today!

Revolutionising Rural Healthcare with Satellite Internet and Telemedicine

Transforming rural healthcare with reliable satellite internet. Discover how Woi revolutionises access to medical services in remote areas.

Satellite Internet for Education: The Key to Expanding Learning Opportunities

Looking for reliable and affordable satellite internet solutions for education and learning opportunities? Woi has got you covered! Explore our services now.

Setting up Satellite Internet for Your Home in New Zealand

Looking to get reliable internet access in rural or remote areas of New Zealand? Discover the benefits of setting up satellite internet for your home.

The Future of Supply Chain Management: Leveraging Satellite Internet for Improved Performance

Discover how satellite internet is transforming supply chain management, and learn how it can improve performance and drive growth. Read now!

What Is Smart Farming, and How Can Satellite Internet Help?

Discover how satellite internet is revolutionising smart farming. Learn about precision agriculture and IoT technologies for efficient farming practices.

How It Works: A Beginner's Guide to Satellite Internet Technology

Get reliable internet anywhere with WOI's satellite technology. Learn how it works and explore our satellite internet options across New Zealand.

Satellite Broadband: Keeping You Connected in Natural Disasters

As our world becomes increasingly dependent on technology and instant communication, reliable connectivity during natural disasters is more important now than ever. With frequent and intense weather events, such as the recent fallout from Cyclone Gabrielle, traditional communication systems can become disrupted and unreliable.

Satellite Internet for Business: How to Stay Connected in Remote Locations

Are you a business owner in rural New Zealand struggling to stay connected? With the wide availability of digital technology, businesses are expected to be online 24/7. While this can be challenging in New Zealand’s more rural areas, satellite internet is helping to bridge the gap.

Copper/ADSL to Satellite: Is It Worth the Switch?

Rural dwellers get a raw deal. Not only do they have to put up with long drives to access the essentials, but they’ve also been left out of fibre broadband roll-outs that the rest of Aotearoa get to enjoy.