How To Choose Your Internet Service Provider

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Choosing an internet service provider (ISP) is not a decision to make lightly. Every Kiwi has different needs, and some internet deals are better suited to some regions and people than others. 

Whether you’ve moved to a new part of Aotearoa or are starting to explore your ISP options, you might be curious about how to choose a company that’s right for you. It might be worth considering some of the following points.

The Broadband They Offer

Perhaps one of the most crucial considerations on your hunt for a new ISP is which broadband services they offer. For example, some companies, like WOI, specialise in internet services for people in rural locations with slow internet connections. 

Check out each company’s offerings and see if they offer a solution to your specific problem. You might be looking for unlimited rural satellite broadband at competitive prices, satellite internet on a small satellite antenna with fibre-like speeds, unlimited Wi-Fi at a rural address, or even a portable satellite dish to check your social media on a high-country sheep farm. 

The more research you do into your needs and a broadband solution to match, the happier you might be with the product and service you receive. 

The Deals They Advertise

Kiwis love a bargain, which means it’s only natural for us to want to hunt out competitive internet deals and save money. Most of the best internet service providers offer a ‘deals’ section where you can learn more about packages, their costs, terms, and speeds. 

Pay close attention to the download speed, upload speed, plan term, and cost of each plan before deciding. It’s also worth looking for a mention of fair usage policies in case they apply to a specific plan you’re interested in. If you have questions about a particular deal, contact the company to find out more. 

The Ease of Switching

Some people know they’re not getting a fair deal with their current internet service provider, but they can’t bring themselves to go through the frustrating process of cancelling their service and signing up with another provider. 

When you start browsing the internet, looking for a new ISP, see if they can provide information about switching internet. Sometimes, it can be as easy as emailing the company, choosing a plan, and letting them handle everything else. 

For example, if you’re switching to a satellite internet provider for your rural property, you can sit back, relax, and wait for installers to take care of everything. 

Whether They’re Trusted

The sad reality is that not every company can be trusted – inside and outside of the ISP community. Fortunately, many tell-tale signs can indicate whether an ISP you’re considering using is trusted. 

For example, they might provide a section on their website for case studies and reviews. Here, you can learn about happy customers who currently rely on their internet services. 

Sometimes, you can even search for a company online and read genuine reviews from customers describing their experiences. You don’t have to rely on a company to tell them that they’re good. You can let other customers do that for them. After all, word of mouth remains one of the most effective marketing methods.

How They Compare to Others

When you compare apples with apples, it becomes easy to tell which company can provide the most suitable deal to cater to your internet needs. 

For example, if you were thinking about signing up with a satellite internet provider, you could compare them to others offering the same or similar plans. By doing so, you can note how they stand out from those other companies. 

The pricing structures might all be comparable, but one company might not charge installation fees. Another might offer seven-day-a-week support and transparent terms and conditions, whereas the rest might not. Comparing ISPs keeps them honest, but it also helps make your decision easier. 

Their Professionalism

Professionalism counts for a lot. Kiwis might be laid back, but we still expect good, professional service when paying a premium for it. Therefore, before you sign up for an internet plan through any particular company, identify the many ways in which they might display their professionalism. 

A well-built and designed website is one of the most obvious ways to show how professional they are. The websites should be easy to navigate, clean, and easy to access on computers and mobile devices.

The website should also have clear contact information, allowing you to reach the company with minimal hassle. Then, when you do call the company, you should be able to talk to an internet specialist with relative ease. 

Are You Ready to Change Internet Providers?

If you’re tired of slow, patchy, or no internet in your rural location, it might be time to make a change. Consider this information above, then contact WOI for more information on competitive, high-quality satellite plans. Every Kiwi deserves fast, reliable internet they can trust.


How do I choose the right internet service provider (ISP)?

To choose the right ISP for your needs, consider coverage availability, reliability, speed, and customer reviews, explicitly focusing on ISPs that offer satellite internet if you live in a rural location.

Are there ISPs that specialise in providing internet services for rural locations?

Some ISPs specialise in providing internet services for rural locations, particularly satellite internet providers that offer reliable and high-speed connectivity to areas where traditional broadband options may be limited or unavailable.