The Future of Phone and Broadband: Landline via Satellite

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For a number of years, New Zealand has been transitioning from a traditional copper phone and broadband network to fibre and mobile network technology. According to the Commerce Commission, around three-quarters of New Zealanders were expected to have access to fibre by 2020, and our telecommunications network provider, Chorus, may decide to stop offering particular copper services. 

With that in mind, rural-based phone and internet users might find themselves in a bit of a predicament. How are they supposed to use their landline if ADSL/copper landlines are no longer available? Thanks to satellite internet providers like WOI, it can be easier than you think.

Why the Change?

Anything can become no longer fit for purpose with time, and our internet and phone connections are no different. Copper is a term we use to describe our original phone and broadband network, and fibre optic cabling is essentially an upgrade to that. 

Fibre optic cables are capable of carrying more data than copper ones, which is why homeowners are being strongly encouraged to make the switch. In areas where the majority of properties already have fibre installed, the copper network is being shut down. If that happens, you’re left with one choice: switch to an alternative. 

What is VoIP?

The slow demise of copper has seen more and more households adopt VoIP, which is a technology that lets you make and receive phone calls with your internet connection rather than a traditional landline or cellphone connection. 

VoIP requires an internet connection, which you need to purchase separately from a VoIP plan. However, the benefits of VoIP are undeniable. You can save money compared to cellphone or landline plans and enjoy more reliable phone service in areas where cellphone coverage is typically lacking. You can also enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calls and seamless connectivity to workplaces, call centres, and offices. 

How Easy is it to Switch From Traditional Landlines to VoIP?

Any technology change can be daunting, so it’s only natural to wonder how easy it is to switch from traditional landlines to VoIP. You’ll be pleased to know it’s a straightforward process, and even rural homeowners who aren’t tech-savvy will find the transition seamless. 

Purchase a rural broadband plan to suit your needs and add the WoiCall VoIP plan called ‘WoiCall’ as an add-on. The cost of the plan includes a new phone number or number porting and costs just $25 per month for 100 minutes of New Zealand and Australia landline and mobile calls. There is also a small upfront cost to cover the first month of calls, and it’s $25 from month two. 

Getting started can be as easy as phoning 0800 GETWOI or emailing WOI takes care of all the hard work. 

What Happens If I Don’t Make the Switch?

Change can be so scary for some people that they might decide to avoid making any technology upgrades at all. A New Zealand Commerce Commission report stated that about 706,000 households in Aotearoa still have a landline, and some of those households might not want to try anything new. 

However, according to Chorus, you may not receive your regular services if technology upgrades affect your area. Households affected by the copper network withdrawal and the Public Switched Telephone Network being turned off will be contacted. 

From the time of notification, you’ll have to make the switch to an alternative landline over fibre or a fixed wireless service within six months. Failure to do so means you won’t have internet or landline access at your address. 

Benefits of VoIP

Deciding what to do next can be challenging, but alongside not having to lift a finger when you sign up with broadband and VoIP service providers like WOI, you also get to enjoy some of the following benefits. 

Service Anywhere You Go

You’re tied to your location with a traditional landline telephone, but that’s not the case with VoIP. You can move anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a way to access your VoIP services. 

Long List of Features

VoIP is quite advanced technology, which means you can benefit from a range of helpful features like integrating your service with more than one device and responding to your phone messages from anywhere. You can also add and remove features as you see fit. 

Choose When and How Your Phone Rings

Don’t want the phone ringing? No problem. You can choose how and when your phone rings. You can also forward your calls to another location if you’re not home. 

Make the Switch Today

Don’t wait until copper is completely redundant before making the switch. If you live rurally with satellite broadband, now might be the right time to inquire about WOI’s landline over internet package to remain connected to your friends and family with ease.