Why Get Internet On Your Farm?

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Farmers have managed for generations without an internet connection. And when it has traditionally been so hard to get reliable internet, it might not have crossed their mind to seek out an internet service provider. 

However, the digital age has made it crucial for nearly all businesses to have an internet connection to carry out basic daily tasks. If you’re not yet convinced that your farm needs access to the internet, the following benefits might change your mind.

Farm-Friendly Internet Now Exists

It used to be nearly impossible for rural Kiwis to access the internet, so many farmers didn’t even bother to seek out a provider. Why look for something that doesn’t exist? 

However, in recent years, that has all changed. Now, we have satellite internet plan providers like Woi, who provide fast satellite broadband with no hidden terms and conditions and fixed costs. Woi provides two unlimited broadband plans with nationwide rural installation, support, and quick and easy connectivity. The only thing stopping you from accessing the internet now is you! 

Stay On Top of Weather Updates

Most of us make plans around what the weather is doing, and farmers are no different. The weather can affect many of the decisions you make for your farms, such as when to plant crops and tasks you’ll perform to stay comfortable in extreme heat or cold weather. 

Rather than relying on home weather stations with varying degrees of accuracy, you can use the internet to access up-to-the-minute weather reports from leading forecast providers like RuralWeather, which can offer live observations and information on soil moisture, air pressure, and more. 

Use Agri Technology

Agri technology has been a game changer for many farmers. Ask any modern-day farmer, and they’ll tell you that they rely on apps, software, and technology for all manner of farming activities like milking, stock management, machinery, and more. 

Many digital technologies are also transforming the farming industry and making life easier, such as IoT and sensors, robotics, AI, drones, and cloud connectivity. Robots can milk cows, process carcasses in plants, and even pick fruit, and you can rely on IoT and sensors to track live animals, detect health problems, and evaluate your environment. 

Even drones have their place, with them already being used for surveying 20 million hectares of cotton crops in China. Drones can see things we can’t from a ground level, providing insight into harvest timing, herbicide application, and more. 

However, you can only hope to capitalise on such technologies’ conveniences when you have a sound internet connection. 

To Multi-Task

You don’t need to wait until you’re off the farm before completing admin tasks. When you’re out and about on your farm and have an internet connection, such as in the cowshed, you can pay bills, check bank accounts, and perform other essential tasks. 

Farmers without internet connections would have to wait to perform these tasks when they next visited their local town or returned to their homes in the evening. 

Connect With Other People

Loneliness and isolation are genuine problems in the farming sector, and there aren’t always many opportunities to connect with people daily. Having an internet connection might keep that loneliness to a minimum. 

You can video call your friends and family, talk to friends as often as you like, and even join dating apps to connect with potential future love interests. 

Enjoy Your Downtime

It can’t be all work and no play. After a hard day of work on the farm, there are few things as satisfying as heading home and putting your feet up. And while there are plenty of non-technology activities to help you unwind, there are also plenty of internet-related ones. You can spend your spare time streaming movies, browsing the internet, and even playing online games.

Make Purchases and Sales

While farmers traditionally visited brick-and-mortar businesses to buy and sell farm equipment, produce, stock, and other goods, it’s not the only option in today’s digital age. You can organise equipment and stock sales online and even secure the best deals for things you need to run your business. 

Rather than spending time driving from business to business to compare prices, you can often find everything you need on the internet from the comfort of your own home. 

Get Reliable, Fast Satellite Broadband Internet With Woi

You might be in a rural and remote location, but that doesn’t mean you have to be without the internet. If you’re now convinced that bringing the internet to your farm is the right decision to make, you’ll be surprised by how fast and easy the process is. Contact Woi today to learn more about fast, unlimited satellite internet and the best broadband deals.


How has internet accessibility for rural New Zealand improved in recent years?

Internet accessibility for rural New Zealand has improved in recent years with satellite internet providers like Woi offering fast and reliable broadband connections with nationwide rural installation and support.

What are the advantages of using satellite broadband internet for farms?

The advantages of using satellite broadband internet for farms include overcoming the limitations of traditional wired connections, enabling access to high-speed internet in remote areas, facilitating real-time weather updates, utilising agricultural technologies, and enabling online purchasing and sales.