Portable Satellite Dish

Advances in how farmers and those living and working in rural environment operate there is a growing demand for access to the cloud even in the most isolated places. And let’s face it, New Zealand has plenty of those, from a paddock on the hills on a sheep farm in the high country to the milking shed in a valley up North. If you require a mobile service or need to stream video on a temporary basis from a rural location then ask us about our wifi trailer. It delivers 70mbps down and 15mbps up for events or emergency internet requirements.

Our goal is to keep you connected no matter where you are with unlimited portable Wi-fi with a portable satellite dish. No service should not mean you are out of touch – we specialise in finding and delivering solutions to network challenges in NZ. We have over 20 years’ experience designing and installing all types of networks and would love to work with you if you need remote-access internet. 

This service can be an add-on to your existing satellite broadband plan or if you are a new customer chat to one of the team on 0800GETWOI (0800 438964) about pricing with portable Wi-fi.

Frequently Asked Question's

If you’re in an isolated environment in need of a mobile service or a temporary internet service, our portable satellite dishes may be suitable. Ask about our WiFi trailer for events and emergency internet today.

Woi 1 and Woi 2 will work with our portable satellite solution. The tripod stand is an extra cost.