Broadband Internet For Rural

The future of the internet in New Zealand’s rural communities is here with unlimited rural satellite broadband from the team at Woi. Traditionally there are not enough potential customers in rural areas to encourage investment in building networks – this is where 20 years of satellite experience makes us the go-to for broadband if you are rural. 

Rural communities are the backbone of the nation, and we pride ourselves on offering solutions to network problems wherever you are, with unlimited rural wireless broadband at competitive prices.  Now you can Zoom, watch videos and invoice through Xero without complaining about how slow the internet is. 

We offer nationwide satellite installation and Helpdesk support – for more information or to get started setting up your broadband if you are rural call 0800GETWOI (0800 438964), email us at or complete the online form on the Contact page.

Frequently Asked Question's

Contact us on 0800 GET WOI (438 964) or email to find out.


Yes, we pride ourselves on offering superior rural broadband that allows you to hold Zoom calls, watch videos, and browse the internet with ease.