WOI Allows ArgoTrust To Stay In The Loop

Stable, speedy connectivity bears fruit for AgroTrust

Why would a kiwifruit grower need good connectivity to thrive?

It is hard to imagine how growing a hairy berry, born from woody vine, might require strong and steady bandwidth, but a short conversation with AgroTrust Limited operations manager Carlos Ramirez quickly reveals that fast and reliable internet is essential for gathering information, monitoring conditions and communicating promptly with customers and suppliers – in other words, making sure the operations of his kiwifruit orchard run smoothly.

“Internet is really important for us, as it’s a means of making sure everything is kept up-to-date with everyone across our supply chains,” Carlos said.

The house Carlos, originally from Mexico, currently lives in had no internet connection at all when he moved in, even though it was built only four years ago. Fibre is simply not available at Carlos’s orchard, located in a rural area in Northland.

Woi’s internet service, powered by Kacific’s high throughput satellite Kacific1 delivers high-speed internet bandwidth, at near-fibre speeds, direct to his home via a compact 1.2m VSAT dish installed on his roof.

“At the beginning we were a little bit worried with the harsh weather conditions (affecting connectivity), but that’s not a problem with Woi at all. If there is a storm coming, Woi communicates that to us. We’ve never had any issues with them,” he said.

“If you’re in rural parts of the country struggling to find a service provider, Woi will be your ultimate choice. They are reliable, great with communication and are always accessible. We are now looking to set up security cameras and provide internet access to our orchard workers so, with the high download and upload speeds and bandwidth flexibility that Woi provides, we are definitely on the right track engaging them.”

Get in touch with Woi to discover the benefits of reliable and affordable satellite broadband that can be installed fast and hassle-free to your off-the-grid orchard or winery.

FarmersWeekly - 30 June, 2021