WOI Satellite Internet FAQs

Your Woi satellite internet questions answered

Would you still use a mobile phone you bought 15 years ago? Probably not. 

Apps don’t work on old phones because technology is constantly getting faster and more reliable – it’s the same for satellite technology.

Satellites have come a long way since Sputnik. Technology has improved hugely, and this has led to much faster internet services via satellite, at a much more affordable price.

Richard Broadbridge of WOI outlines some of the common questions he gets about satellite internet with some feedback from rural kiwis who have embraced a faster, more reliable internet service with Woi.

Who should get satellite internet?

Satellite internet is great for people that live in a rural location – on a farm, in the bush, even lifestyle blocks that are not well connected. If your house is in a valley or a bit of a dip, you probably can’t get good – or any – coverage from your local wireless internet provider.

You may have access to ADSL (copper) but you’re not getting the speeds you need for streaming video, using the internet like you know you can or your internet may be totally unreliable. Satellite internet also works well for people with weak or no mobile services on their land.

You can use satellite internet for both business uses – like faster communications with customers and business software – and personal uses, such as video calls with family and friends. Woi provides three plans and installs nationwide.

What makes today’s satellite internet faster than what I’ve tried before?

Here’s Woi’s secret: we’re using one of the newest and most powerful communications satellites in Asia-Pacific to deliver such reliable internet at good speeds for an affordable price. Kacific1 is a next-generation satellite that was built by Boeing and started operating in early 2020.

What you’ve possibly experienced before is internet services from much older satellites – 15-plus years – using much older technology. Similar to cell phones, satellite technology has improved rapidly in recent years.

So, what can you do with these faster internet speeds?

A lot. A great example is the team at Rotastock farms, which sits at the base of Franz Josef Glacier, with 500-head of dairy cows producing 13,000 litres of milk a day. On the farm is a family of four and four staff. Previously the farm manager had to travel 30 minutes to town daily to process online payments to manage the home and business.

Woi’s team mounted a 1.2-metre satellite dish on the family home and a 75cm kit on the wool shed, and activated 40mbps down 5mbps up unlimited plans to both sites. The team at Rotastock farms can now access internet banking, cloud-based services, education websites and software, online movies and make calls to family and friends in NZ and around the world.

Where can Woi install satellite internet and is the customer support local?

The Woi team have activated satellite dishes for customers across the country from Central Otago to the far North – even Great Barrier Island. We have completed successful installs in remote project sites, accommodation facilities, small and large business operations and marae, as well as homes of course. We ask you to tell us the problems you currently have and what you’re using the internet for, then we’ll give you advice on the best package to suit your needs. Generally, the whole process takes around 14 days from sign up.

Woi’s sales, management, installation team and helpdesk is all local. The support desk is open 10 hours a day, seven days a week, and uses an online ticketing platform to follow up to every technical, sales or billing question.

But don’t take it from us, hear what Alex and Trevor Stuthridge in Port Charles in the Coromandel have to say.

“We have been very, very impressed with the sign-up, purchase and install experience – all levels of the business have been excellent to deal with,” Stuthridge said.

Fast and reliable internet is crucial to the couple who run several business operations.

“The connection is excellent – great range, speed and video quality. We have successfully held Zoom and Skype meetings without issue. It also means that we can work from our holiday home if needed.”

Plus, Woi services work well for staying in touch.

“Ensuring we remain connected to our family while we are in an area without cellphone service is imperative.”

Get in touch with WOI to enjoy faster, more reliable internet today.

FarmersWeekly - 2 August, 2021