10mbps Down/ 5mbps Up


Term: 12 Months

Dish Size: 75cm

Available nationwide
Per month
for 12 Months

Installed for just $114 GST Inclusive, our WOI CHOICE plan is designed for the rural Kiwi with light usage in mind. It's a 100GB capped plan with 10mbps download speed and 5mbps upload speed. The internet stops when you reach 100GB usage and you can top up 130GB via our billing team for $137 GST Inclusive. Internet is "use it or lose it" meaning it can't be rolled over to a new month. Top ups take up to 6 hours to implement. The monthly price is based on $114 GST Inclusive per month for internet + $38 GST Inclusive for hardware rental for 12 months. The term of this plan is 12 months and a penalty of $500 is applied for early termination.  You can renew at the end of 12 months or we collect the hardware. Great for a movie once in a while and all your favourite sites. Simple plan, no frills and CHOICE!  

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