Terms And Conditions

At WOI we lay everything on the table upfront. As we retail for Kacific satellite in New Zealand, we simply pass on to you their policies. We also have our own internal policies which we have specific below. If you wish to have anything clarified simply ask your question on our LIVE chat portal or send us an email here

By acquiring WOI, the customer acknowledges that WOI is a retailer of Kacific and as such is not liable for technical, financial nor support issues relating to the satellite provider. Antenna and related hardware is being rented to the customer and remains the property of MMG Communications Limited throughout and post term. The customer acknowledges that WOI provides contended internet and speed levels may vary when multiple users are utilising the same resource or during bad weather. Kacific’s Fair Usage Policy applies and the customer acknowldges and agrees to all terms and conditions listed in www.woi.co.nz. The customer also agrees to be included in Woi’s newsletter database and may receive updates from Woi from time to time. Woi reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.  

Customers must note that Woi is not suitable for LIVE gaming applications, some forms of VPN and we have an average latency of 550 - 700ms.

Fair Usage Policy

As we are offering unlimited internet and satellites in general have a maximum output, Kacific has thought it fit to have everyone uses the internet fairly. In essence, you will receive  the speed and performance you pay for. However your account may be throttled if you use the internet to its maximum speed 24/7, If you find your speed has been throttled, send us an email or chat with us LIVE. We can provide you a usage report and a reason why your account has been throttled. In most cases a throttled account will mean a quarter of the speed you paid for. Your full package will be reset on the first day of each month. Our advice - switch your wifi router off when you don't need the internet just in case some devices in your home are set to update automatically overnight. The Kacific FUP is attached here

Termination of service and refund policy

The Service Order Form is a legally binding Agreement. Contract term is 24 months unless otherwise stated in the initial Service Order. In the event of termination before the contract period ends, due to reasons other than technical non-compliance by the service provider, the customer will be liable to pay a Termination fee equivalent to 50% of the monthly recurring costs for the remainder of the contract duration. This fee is applied to the cost of an installer to derig the hardware and freight it back to Woi along with disconnection penalties applied to Woi by its satellite provider. There will be no refunds.

The parties hereby acknowledge the termination fee to be a genuine pre-estimate of WOI's loss resulting from such a termination.

Upgrading and downgrading your service

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by giving us 7 days notice prior to a new month. Upgrade/downgrade activation fee is $99 plus the cost of your new plan . Upgrades will only be possible with the 1.2m antenna. If you wish to upgrade from a 75cm to 1.2m you must pay the new install fee for the 1.2m kit.

Ownership of hardware

In order to keep the cost low for you, we have provided our hardware at no cost to you for the term. The hardware, including the satellite equipment, router and Woi Play Box remain the property of MMG Communications Limited

Weather related outages

As with all satellite operators, Woi's services can also be affected by extreme weather conditions. While our satellite provider has the ability to boost power during weather related events, uptime performance on the 75cm antenna (Woi1) is less than the 1.2m. (Woi2) Woi's support team is available 7 days a week on 0800 438964 Ext 2 should a customer's service not come back online after a major weather event.

Deliveries and installation

Our policy is to deliver our hardware to you within 10 working days of payment. Once the hardware has arrived, our support desk will guide you through the first stage of installation. Woi2 is best installed in the ground, therefore we will require you to install the ground mount a few days prior to our installers arrival so the cement has had time to set. Woi1 is both roof and ground mountable The roof mounting will be done by our installer. The Woi2 ground mount guide is here Woi has a network of installers. In some cases we may need the customers assistance with mounting materials including ladder, spade and cable run approval/guidance.


Woi will make available to Subscriber an email and online statement for each billing cycle calculated from the first day to the last day of the current month, or on pro-rated basis effective from the date of completed connection to the last day of the current month, or every month after the activation date. Payment for the Services is "in advance", and must be received within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice. All payments shall be made either by credit card link, card auto-charge or direct debit to our nominated bank account. By signing up, subscriber hereby expressly grants to authorize automatic payments to Woi on monthly recurring basis.  The subscriber acknowledges and agrees that if payment is not received by Woi by the Due Date, Woi has the right to charge the subscriber a late fee of $15.00 if payment is received after the 7 day due date.

In case of disconnection due to non-payment, Subscriber acknowledges that duration of the contract and billing cycle remains unchanged without prejudice to Service Order Agreement. On top of outstanding bills and surcharges, reconnection fee amounting to $199.00 will be charged for account reactivation.

WOI VoIP call charges over the first 100 free NZ/Australia landline/mobile minutes are 3cents/min for local landline, 11cents/min for local mobile and 25cents/min for Australia landline/mobile. WOI will invoice the customer with the monthly internet/equipment rental charge and will provide a call report to the customer if required. Number porting is $25 and monthly recurring cost is $25. The customer will be charged $299 for an upgraded VOIP router to utilize their own ADSL analogue phone or will be quoted for a Woi approved IP phone.

Subscribers may download Direct Debit Form here should they want to automate payments for a hassle-free way to pay monthly rental. Fill up the form and email to billing@woi.co.nz so our team could assist you.

Service Acceptance

The Customer accepts the Service Order/Contract by signing electronically or manually. Further, Customer also demonstrates express and/or implied acceptance of this contract by way of,  but not limited to: 

1. E-mail, website and any other electronic means of confirmation
2. Payment of upfront costs and sending financial details for direct debit/autocharge
3. Receipt/Acceptance/Installation of rental hardware and services
4. Verbal acceptance, gesture and any other acts indicating the Customer's assent to the proposed bargain