What are people saying about Woi 

Cathy Postlewaight_Image

We are really impressed by the speed and reliability of your service. We were a little apprehensive to invest going into some bad weather, but the experience so far has been excellent. We are watching Netflix with no buffering for the first time.

- Cathy Postlewaight, Warkworth
Peter England_Image

My mate had these guys come over for him. Personally not a customer but wanted to thank you guys on his behalf for the awesome customer service and speedy wifi

- Peter England,
Keith Waters_Image

No complaints from me ... very helpful fast response to my cry for help and a quick professional install thanks Paul ...

- Keith Waters, Raglan
Te Awhi Manahi_Image

Best decision we ever made. Thank you Woi

- Te Awhi Manahi, Ponakawa, Bay of Plenty
Denise Folasa_Image

Thank you WOI you have made switching WOI so much simpler, efficient and fast process that got us connected promptly.Great service is also top notch.Really helpful support. Very happy customer from Omaha-Matakana area with the new Internet Provider.HAPPY to be with and would recommend to anyone.Thank you again for every thing.

- Denise Folasa, Matakana