Why woi?

Have you been waiting for fibre to be installed in your area? Have you had enough or using old and tired copper cables to get internet? Is your business needing to connect to a cloud such as XERO, Microsoft or ZOOM? Are your teenage children wanting to watch video's? These are all legitimate questions. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

For the first time in New Zealand a satellite operator has been able to offer "fibre-like" speeds on a small satellite antenna. Kacific satellite is available over 100% of NZ with WOI appointed as an official reseller of the Kacific product. Combined with over 20 years experience in the design and installation of small to large networks, WOI is able to assist your business or home make the transition to cloud applications. 

Little bit of About Woi

Urbandictionary.com says this about WOI: Used when something unexpected or when something extraordinary or even something remotely interesting, happens.  WOI's main provider is Kacific satellite. Using KA Band technology, Kacific launched over NZ, parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands in December 2019. Kacific has raised around USD$200m to provide affordable and fast internet to emerging markets including the rural areas of New Zealand. The Kacific satellite payload was uplifted by Space X. 

Frequently Asked Question's

Woi is a retail brand of MMG Communications Limited NZ. Our group also operates a successful ISP in Papua New Guinea and has a number of active projects in the Pacific Islands. We have 25 years experience in satellite communications across the Pacific region.

If you have fibre or well performing 4G mobile data then Woi won’t work for you. Satellite internet, in 2020, will not match the experience of a good fibre connection. If you are a gamer Woi is not
going to work for you. The latency of 650ms means there is a delay under one second. This is a big deal for anyone who needs an immediate response. In general Woi 1 is 5 times faster than ADSL and Woi 2 is 10 times faster than ADSL (Copper)

Woi is perfect for people living in areas where other internet connections are too slow. There are still thousands of New Zealanders who have no access to decent broadband. It is great as a redundant ISP should the primary have stability issues. Woi can provide a failover device to ensure your internet is up 100% of the time.

Satellite internet is generally more expensive than ground based providers mainly due to the cost of launching the satellite and maintaining it in orbit. 

Bad weather may cause your internet to slow down. This will only happen when there is a major storm.

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