6 Factors That Impact Your Rural Internet Speed

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Speed is many people’s primary concern when making an internet service purchasing decision, especially when it comes to rural broadband. You might know you’re not going to get the same fibre connectivity as your urban-dwelling counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you want to put up with slow or inconsistent internet connectivity. 

However, many things can determine just how fast your internet will be, and you might be surprised by what these factors are. 

The Internet Service Provider

You might be impressed by what you see when an internet service provider you’ve never heard of drops a flyer in your mailbox, but that doesn’t mean you should sign on for internet services right away. 

Perform your research to find out more about them and choose a provider known for offering an internet plan for every rural kiwi. You might find that some internet service providers are more reliable than others, and if you choose a substandard provider, you can expect substandard internet service and speed. 

Suppose you select an internet service provider like Woi. In that case, you can enjoy high-quality unlimited rural home and business satellite broadband, dedication to finding solutions, and support when you need it the most.

Tower Distance

Surprisingly, the distance between your house and the tower your satellite connects to can affect the speed. The further away you are from a tower, the slower the speed. 

However, if you opt for broadband satellite internet through Woi, your home and business internet can connect to Kacific satellites uplifted by Space X, utilising KA band technology and relying on 56 satellite spot beams. This is bound to be a recipe for success as far as rural internet speed is concerned. 


Did you know that anything else using the same wireless frequency as you can affect the speed? For example, if your entire family is streaming on their devices simultaneously, you might all experience reduced speed. Speed might also be affected if your neighbour’s internet connection is on the same frequency as yours. 

It can be frustrating to put up with buffering while you’re trying to watch your favourite TV show. However, you might only be able to improve the situation by having fewer people using the internet at once or upgrading your plan, depending on your service provider. 

If you believe interference is to blame for your slow internet, but you’d like reassurance, you can always contact your current internet service provider for advice.


Wireless signals need clear paths to operate, and they often can’t go through objects. Therefore, if you have a tree growing in the wrong place or another obstacle blocking the direct path of your satellite dish, you might experience reduced internet stability and speed. If this is an issue you’re currently experiencing, talk to your internet service provider. You might find a fast and easy solution to your problem.

Plan Exceedance

Sometimes, rural internet speed can be less than ideal when you’ve exceeded your data allowance. If you’re on a limited broadband plan, internet speeds can slow down once you reach the end of your limit. 

Consider signing up for an unlimited plan through leading satellite internet providers like Woi. There are many options for both homes and businesses, such as Woi 1 satellite Wi-Fi with unlimited broadband for families of 2-4 and Woi 2 with unlimited broadband for families to connect multiple devices at once. 

The Wiring

After turning your computer off and on multiple times and experiencing no speed improvement, you might be out of ideas for what could be causing it. Sometimes, old wiring or wiring in poor condition can cause broadband speed issues. 

Consider learning more about your wiring and jack points to determine if they were meant for exceptional phone service rather than reliable broadband internet. You can also have filters added to your jack points to improve speed if your wiring and jack points are seen as the issue.

Wi-Fi Age and Layout

We can’t all have the perfect house setup for Wi-Fi, but your home’s layout might actually impact your internet speed. Always ensure your router is near where you use the internet the most, and consider the use of a Wi-Fi extender, adapter, or mesh system to boost the signal for other areas of the house. 

Enjoy Fast Rural Internet With Woi

While you might not be able to enjoy fibre internet everywhere in Aotearoa, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with slow internet and that infuriating buffering wheel. Contact Woi today to learn more about your unlimited broadband options for rural locations. You might be surprised at how reliable and fast rural internet can be. Get started today.